Board Development

Are your board members fully engaged with your organization and each other? 

Are you seeking a more diverse group of board members who will represent the entire community?

 Do you want your board to be more enthusiastic about your mission and more involved in fundraising?

Ramona works collaboratively with nonprofit executives and board members to uncover the most productive strategies for board engagement and support.

She actively listens to different perspectives and helps to strengthen board and staff relationships. She facilitates critical and sensitive board and community discussions with respect.

Ramona Baker offers the winning combination of expertise, on-the-ground experience, penetrating perception, a sensitivty to local identities, and an engaging wit.

Her ability to listen, to absorb multiple perspectives, and to form helpful strategies resolved very complex logistical and long-term issues for the arts community in Jackson and helped us imagine a future which benefits us all.

Betsy Bradley

Director, Mississippi Museum of Art

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