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How are you going to find the very best person for your next Executive Director without spending a fortune?  

How can you attract the next Director who will take your organization where it needs to go?

Are you finding unexpected challenges in your work environment?  

Do you want to talk with an experienced leader as you move into a new role? 

Do you want support and suggestions as you define a new vision?

Do you want to discuss potential jobs with someone who has interviewed over 500 people for jobs in the nonprofit arts field?

Ramona will actively listen to your organizational needs, work with you to develop job descriptions that will get attention, and then use her extensive network, along with technology, to attract the very best. She can save you time, money, and stress.

Ramona works to support individuals and organizations as they encounter challenges.  Managing through change can be difficult and disruptive. Coaching is done either by phone or video conferencing

Ramona was enormously helpful in our search for a new managing director for Metro Theater Company.  Ramona’s knowledge, perspective and ability to engage effectively with staff and volunteers built our confidence as we took this important step.  She brings an energy and enthusiasm to the process that lifts and engages everyone involved.  Ramona’s guidance and counsel were pivotal in our ability to identify, cultivate and ultimately hire a fantastic new managing director.   

Leslie Peters

Chair of Search Committee, Metro Theater Company

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