Facilitation &
Team Training

Do you want a practical and dynamic approach to a board retreat or a task force?  

Do you want an authentic, inclusive listener to facilitate staff planning and teambuilding? 

Do you want a collaborative, respectful listener to hold community meetings to identify key issues?

Do you want to strengthen trust and support among a diverse group of individuals of different ages and backgrounds?

Do you want to develop more dynamic collaboration among your staff or your team?

As a facilitator, Ramona establishes an interactive and safe environment that allows everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.  She is an active listener who ensures that everyone is heard. She is unafraid of challenging conversations and has successfully facilitated critical and sometimes challenging board, staff, and community discussions.

Ramona works with staffs and teams to strengthen trust and develop clear and respectful communication.  Building trust bolsters staff efficiency, effectiveness, and desire to support each other.

We engaged Ramona to help us begin a new series of sensitive community conversations.  She was instrumental in helping us think through the approach and agenda for the meetings based on our objectives and the people involved.  She did an excellent job talking with participants in advance to develop a thoughtful snapshot of the communities with whom we are working.  She then skillfully and artfully facilitated the discussions, bringing out a wide variety of perspectives, allowing people to talk when they needed to, while also keeping the conversation moving forward in a constructive direction. 

Scott Garza

President, CultureWorks

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