Transitional Coaching & Career Reviews

Do you want to talk with an experienced leader as you move into your new role?

Do you want support and suggestions as you define your leadership vision?

Are you finding your new work environment challenging and want help in developing a road map?

Do you want to review your career and job approach with someone who has interview over 400 people for various positions in the nonprofit field? 

Ramona works to support new leaders (board & staff) as they develop their vision and establish priorities moving into leadership positions. Coaching is done either by phone or video conferencing.

Ramona quickly understood – and helped me to discover and articulate – exactly where my strengths lie, what my challenges are, and what energizes me in a professional situation.

She was able to size me up immediately. Her passion and enthusiasm are infectious, making it an all-out joy to work with her.

I recommend her highly.

K. S.

Arts Administrator

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